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Face au COVID-19 : #StayHomeLiveFair, ou comment l'équitable apporte du réconfort au quotidien !

le 30 mars 2020 par Fédération Artisans du Monde

Et si on montrait notre solidarité avec nos partenaires producteurs, productrices, artisanes et artisans ? @WFTO lance la campagne de mobilisation en ligne #StayHomeLiveFair, une jolie façon de partager les valeurs du commerce équitable à l'heure du confinement.

Comment participer à la campagne #StayHomeLiveFair ?

1. Prenez-vous en photo ou en vidéo avec un produit équitable qui vous apporte du réconfort en ce temps de crise si particulier
2. Partagez-la sur Facebook, Instagram ou Twitter en nous expliquant pourquoi ce produit vous apporte du réconfort. Si vous n'êtes pas sur les réseaux sociaux, envoyez-moi votre photo/vidéo et votre témoignage en quelques lignes à Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..
3. Identifiez bien @artisansdumonde et ajoutez le hashtag #StayHomeLiveFair

Nous partagerons vos témoignages !

C’est le moment, plus que jamais, d’être les artisanes et les artisans de ce monde en partageant ce que vous apporte le commerce équitable au quotidien !


Ci-dessous, la traduction en anglais de la vidéo :

"Hello everyone,

My name is Myriam Ezzine, I am the communications and network activity manager at the Artisans du Monde Federation. 

We would like to address a few words to update you on our network and to invite you to participate to a great mobilisation campaign!

As many of you, my colleagues and I are confined to our homes, to contribute to reducing the spread of COVID-19. We are very lucky to be able to be working from home, while simultaneously, so many people are working so hard to support all citizens every day: I am of course thinking of medical personnel, who are literally on the frontlines, food-stores staff, those re-stocking shelves, those at the cash-desk, those doing deliveries, those cleaning the streets, those insuring everyone’s safety, those dealing with our waste...

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those people, who often work in difficult conditions, and who don’t have the privilege to be as sheltered as we may be. Artisans du Monde would like to send warm thoughts to its partners, who, by now, are bearing the weight of COVID-19’s economic consequences on their activities, in social contexts that are sometimes already vulnerable.
We are strongly thinking about our employees, civic service volunteers, and our numerous volunteers, who have had to half-heartedly closed up shop, and who have had to suspend their education, awareness-raising and advocacy activities to protect themselves and to protect the publics they interact with daily. We wish courage and health to everyone!

As a militant fair-trade movement, we remain mobilised and we continue to uphold our values of international solidarity, as well as social and climatic justice. In these times of crisis which haven shaken economic actors, and which weaken our social achievements in numerous countries, including France, the implementation of a fair-trade international system emerges as a necessity, for human rights as well as environmental protection.

Solidarity with our partner producer organisations remains at the heart of our concerns. To maintain our commitment to fair-trade, we propose that you mobilize alongside us, by participating to the #StayHomeLiveFair campaign: basically- stay home and live fairly (it sounds better in English). This campaign is held by WFTO, the World Fair Trade Organisation, of which Artisans du Monde is a member.

1. Take a photo or a video of yourself with a fair-trade product which brings you comfort in these particular times

2. Share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tell us why this product brings you comfort

3. Tag @artisansdumonde and add the hashtag #StayHomeLiveFair

We will share your posts!

This is an opportunity to reinforce the visibility of the fair-trade movement and the values we hold, to connect with each other and to inspire widely! We hope you will join us in this celebration of fair-trade in our daily lives. Now is the moment, more than ever, to be artisans of this world! We are counting on you!"


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